A bit more about me


I am a brand marketing expert with 15 years' experience working in marketing, social media, advertising, branding and market research. 

I will work with you to develop and deliver strategic marketing campaigns that work.


 I have a passion for delivering creative, strategically-led solutions and for translating brands' unique stories across social media and marketing channels.

 A few things you should know about me:

 My marketing career has been strategically varied.  I started as an account coordinator in an advertising agency as a junior working on car advertising (Kia and Alfa Romeo).  I’ve also worked for a large global, multi-national advertising agency on a Nestlé Food brands (Maggi, Lean Cuisine, PowerBar, Dolce Gusto) and for Curves Gyms, working with international brand guidelines.  I’ve also worked for a boutique brand agency and a small market research agency specialising in Shopper Research.

 I think marketing should be results-driven.  Marketing is the alchemy of selling via creativity and is not a fluffy ‘add-on’.  It should be part of any business plan and integrated into future proofing your brand.  If your marketing is not supporting your bottom line then it needs to be amended, changed, edited or stopped altogether.  I can help you to invest wisely regardless of your budget. I will report to you on what has and hasn’t worked, what has influenced and what can be tweaked to be more targeted and bring clicks or any other marketing aim.  

 I love Instagram.   I love the behind-the-scenes access that it offers to favourite food writers, travel journalists, kitchen designers, mum bloggers, families who travel and of course brands like @Meccacosmetica, @Printebebe @TheGraceTales @BarrelOneCoffeeRoasters @Squarespace @Helenetheillustrator

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On a personal front, I’m passionate about great food experience and speak fluent Spanish and a little rusty French!