A few ways I can collaborate with your business



Do you understand who your competitors are and how their marketing works? I can dig deeper using online research and show you how they are communicating (advertising, social media and website), what their social media activity is, and who they are targeting. This is a starting point for tweaking or completely flipping your own marketing content. Following the crowd never worked for everyone!


Are you launching a new product or brand? Do you understand the market, the brands within it and your target audience? Whether you are launching a new food product, an online community tool, a new car or a small bricks and mortar business I can help your brand stand out and truly talk.


Do you understand the how and the why of different social media platforms? Which ones you should be using? And which to avoid? What is new and worth doing? Or do you just need a bespoke hashtag? Can you dig into the Insights and Data that support these decisions? I can make recommendations to your team based on target demographics, their social media usage, budget and campaign activity. I can also undertake ongoing tracking of your business’ impact and engagement.


I am available for in-house and ongoing consulting where I can work on multiple projects, be used as a sound-board for marketing and business planning and strategy, as well as supporting execution and delivery of marketing and social media projects.


Do you know the difference between saying something to your target market or engaging them with a story?  Top brands in 2018 (2019?) are communicating via media, particularly social media in a way that has moved beyond advertising and being told what to do or how to feel.  We are more than happy to be engage with brands that give us funny, useful and thought-provoking information and content.  I can support you in telling your brand story in a compelling way, whether it is via a series of YouTube videos, podcasts, cross-platform visual content or with an influencer or content producer.


Do you have a new business idea but don’t know where to start? Do you want to build a brand from scratch but want to make sure it’s considered and smart? Marketing cannot come as a secondary focus in launching a successful new idea, it needs to be integrated into your offer. I can support the initial stages of ideation to naming and putting together a brand concept and identity.  I can shape your brand and communications plan, messaging and social media. 


Do you know how to make the leap from an idea to a brand concept and a logo? I can take a comprehensive brief that will sharpen the concept and bring it to a more squared-away starting point for a graphic or website designer or photographer and will reduce misunderstandings and excessive work in developing the visual side of a brand.  I can also put you in touch with a number of local designers and photographers who can bring your brief to life.


Does your team have the capacity to follow through on a marketing, brand or social media brief?  Outsource to me and I will ensure on time follow up, presentation of strategy or brand elements or a website update and deliverables that are on spec and on brief.  


Are there too many elements to your marketing and targeting that you just do not know? My market research and strategy background can support you in setting up and conducting market research whether in qualitative focus groups, or in an online quantitative study.